First International Parti Schnauzer Club e.V.
First International Parti Schnauzer Club e.V.


First International Parti Schnauzer Club e.V.

Registered studbook leading breed club

Parti Schnauzer - Toy and Miniature in different colors

Our very young breed club exists since 30.10.2012, with the aim to bring the forgotten colors of the Parti Schnauzers back to Germany.

Thanks to the great efforts of Maximilian Schnauzers the first Parti Schnauzer could be picked up personally from America.

Another goal of our association is a breeding base according to the criteria of the VDH build.


The club attaches particular importance to

  • health
  • the essence
  • the anatomy
  • the expansion of the gene pool
  • and especially the puppy rearing and imprinting.

In Germany, the breeders will therefore be studied in a litter twice by a breed warden to check the welfare of the puppies and the mother dog and hence be guaranteed.


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