First International Parti Schnauzer Club e.V.
First International Parti Schnauzer Club e.V.


Purpose of the association

The association serves the control, promotion and consultation of pedigree dog breeding. It enhances the love for the animal and serves the exchange of breeders’ experience between its associated breeders and members.
The association is political and confessional neutral and works internationally. The association does not seek gainings, any gainings will be conducted to statutory purposes.
The association’s responsibilities include the management of a breeding book, the careful selection of the breeding dogs by breed wardens or vets respectively the supervision of the breeders concerning the compliance with the breeding rules and regulations.

Name and domicile of the association

The association is listed under the name „First International Parti Schnauzer Club e.V.". The association’s domicile is Nuremberg. The place of venue is the local court of Nuremberg.


The membership can be acquired by any person through written proposal, the proposal is decided on by the managing-committee by a majority of 2/3. Minors require the approval of a parent or legal guardian. Every membership commences after the payment of the contribution and the admission fee. The obligation to pay contributions commences after handing over the declaration of accession.

Rights and duties of members

Every member of age may be elected into the managing-committee.
The dog breeding and keeping must be treated according to breeding regulations and rules and the Protection of Animals Act by all members. The resolutions decisions made by the managing-committee must be respected. Loyalty towards the association and its members must be upheld, public recriminations between breeders and members must be refrained from.
The association’s targets must be supported to the best of their abilities; the membership fee must be paid in time.


Termination of membership

The membership ends upon resignation or exclusion. Cancellation is possible at the end of the year, the latest possible termination date being the 09.30 of the current year. The written notice of termination has to be addressed to the first chairman.
Exclusion results from violations of the by-laws or the breeding regulations. The managing board is responsible for exclusion and exclusion can only be decided by them with a 2/3 majority. Exclusion can be enacted with immediate effect. Exclusion can be objected to. This written objection must be submitted with reasons within 14 days and will then be decided upon again in a meeting of members.

After their resignation or exclusion and also after the disbanding of the association members won’t get any refunds of fees or contributions.

Contributions and fees

To fulfill tasks to be carried out the association charges an admission fee, annual subscriptions and dues. The amount, method of payment and purpose of payment are arranged in the schedule of fees, which is decided upon by the managing-committee by a 2/3 majority.
Association funds must be used exclusively for statutory purposes.


The managing-committee consists as follows:

- first chairman
- second chairmen
- the Head of the Breeding Board
- the secretary
- treasurer

Managing-committee within the meaning of § 26 BGB consist of the first and the second chairman. The chairmen represent the association judicially and extra-judicially within the meaning of § 26 BGB. The second chairman substitutes the first in case the first chairman is unavailable. The first and the second chairman are individually authorized to represent. If the first chairman retires during his term the second chairman inherits his responsibilities until the next annual meeting.

If a member of the managing-committee becomes unavailable the managing committee decides upon a substitute with a 2/3 majority, who will inherit those responsibilities until the election of the new managing-committee.

The managing-committee is elected by the members’ meeting for a period of 3 years. After this duration, the managing-committee will remain in office until the election of the new board. Re-elections are valid.

The treasurer manages the association’s treasury/account and keeps account of the association’s gainings and expenses. Expenses are only possible with the first and second chairman’s agreement.


The secretary keeps the minutes of every meeting; this log must be signed by the first and second chairman.
The head of the breeding board is responsible for the making and keeping of a pedigree register and the making of familiy trees. The head of the breeding board is authorised to sign the familiy trees and is responsible for the dog breeding, the observation of the pedigree register and the compliance with the breeding regulations of the association.

Members’ meeting

The members’ meeting must be convened once a year in the first half-year of the calendar year by the managing-committee. The members must be invited at least four weeks beforehand with a written announcement of the items of the agenda.

The tasks of the meeting are as follows:


- annual review by the first chairman – ratification of the acts of the managing-committee
- election rerun
- treasury’s report
- consulting and voting of wishes and requests
- election of two auditors for a term of one year.


Access to the association’s treasury and accounts and to the cash account books must be granted at all times according to agreements to the auditors. The auditors must report to the members’ meeting.

The members’ meeting has a quorum if 2/3 of the members are present. If less members are present, a second meeting has to be convened within four weeks. On the second date of the meeting, the majority of the members decide.
The election of the first and the second chairman shall be secret; the other members of the managing-committee shall be elected in open vote. With equality of votes a final ballot is held.

Modification of the by-laws

A modification of the by-laws can be decided by the members’ meeting. The modification requires a 3/4 majority.

Dissolution of the association

The dissolution results from the decision of the members’ meeting, at which ¾ of the present members have to vote in favour of the dissolution.

The dissolution is carried out by the managing-committee. The association’s residual assets go to charities, for this purpose suggestions can be made in the member’s meeting. To which purpose the residual assets will go is decided on by a 3/4 majority.


Benefit to the public

The association serves solely the benefit to the public and does not pursue any economical profitable purposes. No person may benefit from expenditures that are not related to the purpose of the association. The association’s assets are invested into the associative life and its purposes to 100 percent.



This modification of the by-laws of the pedigree dog breeding association: "First International Parti Schnauzer Club" has been presented to the present persons at the 07/31/2013. The by-laws have been talked about and discussed and have been authorised by the undersigned and the present persons.


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