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First International Parti Schnauzer Club e.V.


Exhibition regulations of the First International Parti Schnauzer Club eV

Our dog shows are exclusively Schnauzer dog shows. The right to participate: Schnauzer in all colors and sizes.

Delivery of registration obligates for payment of the registration fee and for acceptance of the exhibition regulations. In case the show cannot take place by act of nature beyond control, the registration fee can partially be used to cover the incurred expenses.

Every dog owner will be responsible conformable to BGB if his dog has done any damage in the exhibition area.

Members and guests take cognizance that neither the club nor its statutory organs and members are liable for accidents or other damage, which might occur during common events.

The participation at those club activities will be at one’s own risk and own responsibility of the participant (members and guests). The participant waives any legal rights against the club and its statutory organs.

The club assumes no liability for any loss or damage of/at brought clothing, property and material.

Dogs with docked tails and/or cropped ears must not be judged anymore conformable to the protection of animals act.

The judgement is not appealable.

In case of premature leave of the exhibition area there will be no claim for certificates and awards.

Evidence of expectancies, titles and registration certificate must be brought and be presented if demanded. All show dogs must provide evidence of an anti-rabies inoculation, which has been made at least four weeks before the show and at most one year. The International Certificates of Vaccination must be presented at the registration.

The management of the exhibition has domestic authority on the day of the show and has the right to decide about acceptance or refusal of registrations.

The management of the exhibition shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the show.

This must be absolutely obeyed. Non-compliances will possibly result in the removal from the exhibition area and the loss of awarded prices.



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