First International Parti Schnauzer Club e.V.
First International Parti Schnauzer Club e.V.


Here we show photos and videos from the club life.

1. Parti Schnauzer Dog Show in Germany on  09.05.2015 in Nürnberg

On 09.05.2015 we held our 1st KSA in Nuremberg. There were a total of 31 dogs registered in seven classes. The arrival was done partly a day early with camper or caravan. However, we were well prepared and have passed the first exhibition of our club brilliantly. It was a really great day and all those present liked it.

Review to the first Parti Schnauzer Club Show in Germany - organized by FIPSC eV

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Christmas party on 22.11.2014

The people enjoyed Schäuferla and cakes and of course, the conversation was important. Our dwarfs had their fun on the dog place and demonstrated once again that it can take place harmoniously with about 20 dogs.

International Dog Show on 28/09/2014 in Gerach (Franconia Winner Show)

On the exhibition of the CdK Ebern in Gerach we have presented a total of 13 Parti Schnauzers (11 from the FIPSC eV) very successful and we were also able to win a new member. They had traveled with its two super beautiful Parti Schnauzers from Holland to the exhibition. Their male dog Chocodreams Charly Brown placed third in the junior class. We were all very proud of our Partis.

Club BBQ in Wiesenthau - 19. June 2014

Annual General Meeting of the FIPSC e.V. - 17. May 2014


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