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In 1880, Germany’s Pinscher-Schnauzer Klub (PSK) published its first Schnauzer Breed Standards Book which detailed all acceptable colorings for the breed including "white with black patches" (Parti-color).  It appears that Schnauzers with white and black patches existed at that time, although not in large quantities, as this first book of breed standards did not name a single registered Schnauzer with this color pattern. Furthermore, the subject of patched/Parti dogs was not raised by Schnauzer enthusiasts until the 1930's.

However on September 4, 1929, a litter of black miniature Schnauzers was born at the Abbagamba Kennel belonging to Countess v. Kanitz in Podangen (East Prussia), Germany. This litter included three black and white Partis (“schecken” in German) puppies. The parents of these puppies had demonstrably been purebred black for six generations. (It is very possible, although no one knows for certain whether there had been additional puppies in any of these prior six generations with similar coloring.  These most likely would have been removed by the breeders).

The Countess was certain that no "mis-alliance" had taken place - stating this fact bluntly on several occasions - and decided to take a chance breeding these Parti dogs.  As a geneticist would have predicted, the pairing the siblings "Ilfis" and "Isluga" produced the three Parti puppies ("Moira," "Modiala," and "Medina,") .  Another incestuous mating involving the dogs "Liara" and "Leander" from the second generation of Parti dogs once again produced six beautifully developed Parti puppies.


If you are interested in more history of the Parti Schnauzers please follow this link to Maximilians Schnauzers.


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